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Alte Kongresshalle
Theresienhöhe 15
80339 Munich

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Design migration 10 + Aalto university school of art & design
/ applied art & design department group "Form"

Helsinki design museo

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Thank you for visiting our stand"Studio inbetween" at Maison & object Paris (9.7~11) - Seoul design pavilion, 100% design London (9.19~22 ) - Korean design pavilion (Stand IP300 ), Tent London (9.20~23) Stand no. J02 T5 as well.

We feel gratitude profoundly to your unmeasurable contribution and interest about our design. it was great journey to us and we had a ample resources thanks to your dedication. We promise you compensating your interest with better result and achievement forward. And we apologized that we didn't prepare enough material to give you at the moment and haven't arrange smooth contact due to sudden schedule during the events.

Thank you very much.


Maison & objet PARIS 2012 / Hall 8 / A95-B96

Maison & object- Paris (9.7~11)

Paris Nord Villepinte Exhibition Centre
ZAC Paris Nord 2
93420 Villepinte



100% design london earls courts / Stand IP300 .

100% London,(9.19~22)

Earls Court Exhibition Centre
Warwick Road
United Kingdom


Tent london stand J02 T5

Tent London (9.20~23)

Tent Exhibitions Ltd.
Shoreditch Town Hall
380 Old Street
London EC1V 9LT
United Kingdom


September 2012
To us, it's gonna be toughest month.



Maison & object- Paris (9.7~11)

Paris Nord Villepinte Exhibition Centre
ZAC Paris Nord 2
93420 Villepinte

100% London,(9.19~22)

Earls Court Exhibition Centre
Warwick Road
United Kingdom
Tent London (9.20~23)

Tent Exhibitions Ltd.
Shoreditch Town Hall
380 Old Street
London EC1V 9LT
United Kingdom



31.8 - 30.9 // Rantamakasiini L3, Warehouse L3
Tyynenmerenkatu 6, Jätkäsaari, 00220 Helsinki

The 10 year Anniversary Exhibition of the Applied Art and Design Department of Aalto University, School of Arts, Design and Architecture.

The exhibition will be held at the port warehouse in Jätkäsaari, Helsinki. During the event the warehouse is transformed into a platform for art and design. The result is a comprehensive display of design and the people behind it.

Traffic connections: Tram lines 6, 8 and 9.

Mon - Fri 14 - 18
Sat - Sun 12 - 18
Free entrance

Head of the exhibition,Prof. Timo Salli,
tel. +358 (0)405234099,
Exhibition coordinator, Iiro A. Ahokas,
tel. +358 (0)407317070, iiro.ahokas@



This exhibition is intended to be a subjective, open, and diverse collection of 15 projects originating from very different contexts, circumstances and cultures, some even with difficult relationships amongst themselves. Rather than trying to clarify a certain key "phenomenon" of social design (and design-art in general), this exhibition simply attempts to expose several ideas that are being proposed with special attention to people in the hope of improving some aspects of their lives.

The selected projects place a special emphasis on people and the relationships they establish in order to develop and achieve certain goals, thus gaining a greater degree of respect, dignity, fulfillment and satisfaction for themselves and for the environment. This can be seen in the equation of the Italian theorist Ezio Manzini who said, “more well-being is equal to less use of natural resources and more sociability”.

Given the far reaching and difficult to define phenomenon of social design, we have opted to intentionally select far reaching examples of projects, ranging from the small scale, made with limited resources and mostly restricted to a finalized action which could not be revisited, to more highly developed and resourced projects which have been more widely produced industrially and commercially. Some are concerned with problems which need to be solved urgently while others deal with issues that are apparently not as serious, but nonetheless need to be reconsidered.

In each case, they all use design as a means to rethink the role of individuals in their own distinct way, in approaching the building of the environment and of life’s desires and problems. To a greater or lesser extent they suggest various alternatives and other ways of doing things.

More than attempting to solve problems, most of the chosen projects attempt to make us question them, to look at them in a different way, suggesting possible ways to approach them other than the usual. There are no magic recipes, but there are real examples that help us question ourselves and see design from a different perspective in order to address certain issues and to allow people a greater role in the design process. All this in order to contribute to a change that could take us to another way of life which would respond better to the challenges of the moment, in a more fulfilling, attractive and respectful way.

Projecte expositiu comissariat per Curro Claret, amb la participació d' Artlantique - Basurama - Camper - Emili Padrós - Gemma Busquets - Ikea i Unicef - "Jenga Mwendo i Tammy Petro" Katrina Furniture Projects - Laura Arqués, Marta Petreñas i Massimiliano Scaglione - Lee Kiseung - Makea - Mariscal - Martí Guixé - Nani Marquina - Pablo España - Recetas Urbanas/Santiago Cirugeda - Shigeru Ban Architecture.



ACVic Centre d'Arts Contemporànies
C. Sant Francesc, 1 08500 Vic -Barcelona, Spain

Period : 23th Feburary 2012 ~ 20th May 2012



The designboom mart
at the stockholm furniture fair 2012


07-11 FEBRUARY 2011
Stockholmsmässan, Stockholm, Sweden


Collaboration with bird


<encounter with bird>

It was coincident. as if the moment made for the day, at the moment, I thought if the bird was seagull instead of sparrow, It might be horrible. I came up what I used to, old superstition ; if some bird comes inside of building, it has certain reason to do that. commonly, in order to rewarding grace, reincarnation of someone or saying farewell last time before sprit going to afterlife, It didn't matter which purpose the bird had. the truth was it attract every attention from those who were in the cafe. from somewhen, I have put everything into my perspective, assigned certain meaning even normal phenomena, the bird might come in without intention, whoever thought it as a reincarnation, farewell, rewarding grace. it might was there just for seeking eatable thing. Drinking coffee along with hearing bird tweeting sound is mesmerizing. it apparently graved intensive record on my brain. A presence of the bird was sufficient to enjoy composure autumn afternoon in Helsinki. Unfortunately, I didn’t have any coin to throw to the pettie musician. the things what I had were cappuccino and cinnamon roll I ordered on the table.

And I calmly put the cinnamon roll dish on the floor as hoping not disturbing its performance filling cafe hall.

<making film / plaster worksshop, ceramic studio>

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Helsinki design week 2011
Exhibition "To declare"


Old custome warehouse, Katajanokkare, Helsinki

Date / 14~18, September, 2011
Location / Old custome warehouse
Katajanokkare ,Helsinki, Finland

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" make it & take it" / "TIME EMIT" exhibition. / june 18~ 30, 2011

갤러리 맺음
서울시 성북구 종암동 28-358

/ accessary / size 50x150 mm /
fabric, leather waste /2011

"the thing or symbole which being believed as a distintive relation with somethings and regard as a divine thing" In common, Korean people tend to regard second hand stuffs or objects as a "superstition" thing which have sprits ( generally, evil, causing bad luck ) or taboo. on the other hand, the culture of using stuff utile they totally worn out is comparably interesting costume. we always prey luck and fortune when we are in strange environment. I wish it would be came from"the fabric" which has long memories and experience with us (human).

"Let's make our own totem comprised with fragments has diverse memories."


부띠끄 모나코 미술관
Boutique Monaco Museum

2011.4.15~4.30/ SHOP BMM Season #2

Address. B101,1316-5,Seocho-dong,Seocho-gu,Seoul,Korea 137-856 Direction. 2-minute walk from the Exit 5 at Gangnam Subway Station.
Tel. +82-2-535-5844 | Fax. +82-2-535-5845
web :

2010 서울디자인페스티벌
Seoul Design Festival 2010 - "

디자이너스 랩 Designer's lab
주 제 Thank U PROJECT
기 간 2010년 12월 8일(수) ~ 12일(일) [5일간]
장 소 코엑스 HALL C 1, 2, 3실


디자인 꽃을 피우다 展
episode 2 "크리스마스꽃이 피었습니다."

Exhibition "Christmas bloom the flower"


Gallary i


지난해 우리는 <꽃>이라는 한음절의 짧고도
명쾌한 단어에 얽혀진 아름답고 소박한 이야기들을
<디자인, 꽃을 피우다>展을 통해 조심스럽게 들려드렸습니다.
올해는 그 두 번째 에피소드로서 크리스마스에 관련된 각자의 추억들을 은유적인 디자인언어로서 재해석하여 아름답게 피워내려 합니다. 우리에게 크리스마스라는 가치는 365일 중 단지 하루 동안에만 머무는 것이 아니라 언제나 우리 가슴속을 설레게 하는 기분 좋은 기대감으로서 존재한다고 생각합니다. 상업적이고 현란한 불빛아래에서의 크리스마스보다는 따뜻하고, 즐겁고, 배려하는 마음이 가득한 크리스마스 본연의 느낌을 담아보았습니다.

- Merry christmas & Happy new year!

Link- 갤러리아이(
서울시 종로구 낙원동 283-13
TEL?/ 02-733-3695



Saw the Raw 展


instant party & refreshment

Bussiness card

BMH gallary
2007.11.24 - 11.30

The thing, not manufatured,has possibilities to manufature.
Countless manufactures , designers have to pursue new
possibilities with their own view. The exhibition of "Saw the Raw" shows the possibilities that 8 designers elicted from various objets in a daily life. You can notice the diffrences what you've already knew from objets on the start line.



We need more 展


from "designers party"

국내외에서 활발하게 활동 하는 포괄적 의미(건축, 아트, 뉴미디어, 패션, 제품, 가구, 공예등)의 디자이너들의 단체 Designers Party의 6번째 행사이다. Designers Party 행사는 Designers Party 멤버들로 이루어지며, 미니전시는 외부인원의 참여가 가능하다. 70여명의 젋은 디자이너들의 작품을 전시 및 판매하며, 디지털 필름쇼는 2002년부터 2007년간의 국내 아트 및 영상 디자인분야 베스트 필름을 선별하여 상영하게된다. 전체 행사는

* Designers Party - 12월 8일 오후 6시 ~ 11시 : 디자이너, 프레스, 디자인 관계자

6시 - 7시 - 참가 디자이너 소개
7 시 - 8시 - Design Talk - Design Undesigned-송봉규, Matter Workshop-김형석, 강슬기
8시 - 11시 - Designers Party

* 행사장소

홍대 상상마당 1층 아트스퀘어
서울시 마포구 서교동 367-5 지상 1층 상상마당 아트스퀘어 / 02-330-6221

Link_ kT&G 상상마당 "We need more"


Red dot design museum
2007 Red dot design concept winner exhibition



Exhibition hall I -1 / fancy

Exhibition hall B1 / outdoor

Souvenir & Package

Book + Design Tape + Descripition card / bussiness card + Shopping bag
(type1,2) + Instant cup + cellphone accessary + postcard + balloon


2007 Graduation Exhibition, Major in Product Design,
College of design & Arts, Hongik University

Seoul Foundation for arts & culture


Throughout our daily lives, we have had possession of countless moments and flimpses, of an 'instant.' these 'instant'slip away without recognition, because we cease to have particular attachments to them, and we fail to regard their significance. The word'instant'has since been connoted as something "easily used and disposed of." and what "is instant" can be appertained as someting that holds no valuable meaning in our lives. Few understand that a slight changed of perception, can bring to light, the value of these little 'instant' that slowly arrange to become what is ultimately, our lives. Yesterday's laughter, today's tears. and tomorrow's epiphany, all derive from these countless little "instant" that have moved our emotions and grasped our hearts.

our '2007 INSTANT in STORE Exhibition' initiated from the motive of wanting to capture these little 'instant'in our lives. Through this exhibition, we aim to portray the process of how our designers symbolixe in object form, their observations and experiences of the various ways these 'instant' are understood by people, with this opportunity, we hope provide them with joy, and allow them to leave whith a profound impression.

instant instore 展
2007 Graduation exhibition
Major in Product design,
College of Design & Arts, Hongik university

link :

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